Product condition

Product Conditions:

Brand New

These machines are Brand new as shipped from the manufacturer. These machines will be shipped from our warehouse or our partner’s warehouse based on availability.

Open Box

Open-box machines are practically new machines. They are:

  • Overstock in the other online store and sellers need to get rid of the stock.
  • Box damaged in movement and are not saleable as brand new.
  • Original customer returned the machine without opening the box

The machines will be opened to verify the package content and all the electronics will be tested for proper functioning. We ensure that all the tools and parts are there and brand new, packaged in original plastic. The outer box may have signs of damage but the content remains new.


Refurbished Machines were the machines returned to online stores within 30 days of original purchase. The machines are Professionally inspected for issues. The machines are fixed by professionals using genuine parts. All refurbished machines go through Assembly and test print process hence is in perfect working condition.

The machines may see minor usage but mostly in pristine condition. Sometimes Customer does not return parts/tools which are not being sold/supplied by the manufacturer, eg. Alan Keys, SD cards, etc. In such cases, similar or better quality tools will be added to the package. These machines may or may not carry the spare parts and sample spool provided as in brand new machines.

Why you should buy Refurbished?
The refurbished machines go through various levels of testing and most of the issues that had raised in a new machine were found and fixed. This adds little more reliability and stability to the machine. Moreover, the Refurbished machines are 30-50% cheaper than the brand new ones.